Yoga Balance Board

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Enhance coordination and balance during your workout by simply laying this Yoga Balance Board and hopping on top, keeping it horizontal without letting the edges touch the ground – while keeping the rest of your body free for any range of movement.
Perfect for strengthening the ankles and specific muscle groups while applying minimal stress on joints, this Yoga Balance Board is easy to use for athletes training to improve their balance and even for those going through rehabilitation. Designed for use at home or at the gym, take this balance board with you anywhere and never miss an opportunity for improvement!
Yoga Balance Board is a great way to work on your core strength and build up your coordination and balance. With added exercise available for the upper body it is a simple tool with a variety of uses.


IMPROVES CORE STRENGTH – Centrally weighted board to help improve your core strength and help tone your leg muscles and buttocks.

NON-SLIP BOARD – Non slip foot grip. Designed to improve your traction with the non-skid board for a variety of different exercises.


HELPS BALANCE – Helps improves your balance and coordination and supports recovery from sprains, twists and ankle / knee surgery.


POST INJURY REHABILITATION – The Yoga Balance Board is a brilliant way to help with your recovery from injury and speed up your rehabilitation.


TILTS – The Yoga Balance Board tilts front to back and side to side. It also spins completely around. One size fits all, suitable for children and adults.