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Preserve your important documents in the quickest and most advance way ever with Portable Handheld Scanner!
It is a Portable Handheld Scanner that can easily scan any book, newspaper, magazine, document or photo with a high resolution in a matter of seconds, anywhere and anytime.
Unlike traditional scanners that require a PC connection, Portable Handheld Scanner can scan without a PC, giving you the power of portability. Being cordless and compact, it sets you free from those tangling cables and runs on just 2 AA batteries.
Compact and Light: This portable scanner is extremely compact and weighs less than 150 grams. Because of its small size, it is ideal for study, travel, and business as it can scan almost any document and can be carried in the go.
One-Hand Scanning: Portable Handheld Scanner takes care of monochromatic as well as color documents with the ease of one hand scanning. It means now you can scan any document while eating a cookie or say, drinking a glass of water. How cool is that?
LCD Screen: Information of your scans and the charge left on the device are displayed on the mini screen, making your research and office work more convenient and efficient. Automatic power-off saves energy by turning off the device after 3 minutes of inactivity.
Adjustable Resolution: The scanning resolution can be switched between low, medium or high as per your requirement by pressing the DPI button. You can set the resolution to high while scanning photos or you can set it to low while scanning multiple documents to save time.
→ Low: 300 DPI / 3 seconds per page
→ Medium: 600 DPI / 8 seconds per page
→ High: 900 DPI / 10 seconds per page
[DPI: Dots per Inch]
Easy to Operate: This photo scanner allows both horizontal and vertical scanning with some easy to use buttons.
→ JPG/PDF Button: Press to switch file format.
→ DPI Button: Press to switch scan resolution
→ Scan Button: Press to start/stop scanning


Material: Plastic

Package Size: 9.84 x 1.18 x 1.18" /25 x 3 x 3cm