Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat

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Barbecue parties are everyone’s favorite! After all, what could be better than enjoying perfectly grilled dishes with your loved ones.

But with BBQ comes the frustrating experience of cleanup and food sticking or falling through the cracks of the grill. Well, not anymore! Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat is going to change the way you have been grilling so far!

Made of high-grade material, this grill mat is nonstick, reusable, heat resistant, easy to clean and lets you prepare delicious recipes that are cooked to perfection with nice flavors and grill marks! It ensures even cooking and easy flipping with no mess, which makes it one of its kind!

The grill mats are dishwasher safe and can be used with almost any type of grills, from your backyard barbeque grill to community grill in the park or camps! Now cook grilled meat, steaks, vegetables, bacon, eggs, and all your favorite dishes in no time!


Nonstick; No more mess: Its time to say goodbye to traditional grill mats that spoil your food! Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat is made of 100% nonstick material and makes grilling an effortless experience. It prevents food from sticking, falling through the grates and gives you nicely grilled dishes, every time.
Heat Resistant; No Flareups: This extraordinary mat is made of premium quality materials that are heat resistant up to 500°F.Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat is safe to use as it ensures there are no flare-ups while preventing your food from getting overcooked or burnt!

Easy Cleanup and storage: Now, get a break from cleaning grill grates! Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat’s surface lets you clean everything in a snap. You can either hand wash Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat or put it in dishwasher’s top rack. Once done, simply roll it up or store it flat in the kitchen cabinets.


Safe to use: Reusable Non-stick Grill Mat is designed keeping your health as a priority. It is durable, made of food grade, non-toxic and BPA free materials.



Size: 15.75 x 11.8" / 40 x 30cm

Heat Resistance: Up to 500 Fahrenheit (260 Celsius)

Material: PTFE coating fiberglass fabric