Bath Spa Pillow

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Are You Ready To Multiply The Comfort Of Your Life?



Bath Relaxation Spa Pillow is made of lightweight and slim PVC material. It sticks easily to your bathtub to support and add a cushion for your back or your neck.

Ultra-strong suction cups are strategically arranged across the back of this Spa Pillow to provide a reliable seal that holds firm while you soak.



Simply lean towards the Bath Relaxation Spa Pillow, rest your head in a neutral position and sink into a period of pure relaxation.




Suction cups to prevent slipping

Relaxes the head and neck and relieves fatigue

Non-slip, easy to clean, water-resistant PVC material

Moderate hardness, durable material, stylish and comfortable

Suitable for most bathtubs




Material: PVC

Size: 12.2 x 8.26" / 31 x 21cm