Sand Proof Beach Mat

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Love the beach but you can’t stand the sand sticking to your body?

This amazing Sand Proof Beach Mat lets you chill, tan, and read at the beach without sand getting in the way.


Sand Proof Beach Mat features dual-layer synthetic mesh so the sand falls under the mat and traps it underneath, making the mat sand-free. Best of all? The lightweight and ultra-thin weaves are soft to the touch.


The dual layer mesh technology features a top layer that allows particles to pass through it while the bottom later prevents sand beneath it from rising up. If sand does make its way on the mat, all you need to do is brush it off with your hand and it’ll fall through the mat, as shown below.

Wind Resistant​: There are 4 Anchor Stakes for our beach mat. You can use them to secure the blanket firmly to sand or grass and avoid the beach mat getting blown away.

Machine Washable: Want to wash your beach mat? No problem. This mat is not only sand-proof and waterproof but also machine washable.

Travel Mat: Our Sand Proof Beach Mat can easily fold into pocket size. It’s the perfect travel buddy for your outdoor adventures.


Multipurpose: It can be used as a blanket / mat or sun/rain shelter. Great for beaches, picnics, parks, family trips, sports events, open-air festivals, camping, hiking, fishing, other occasions, and outdoor activities.



Material: Fabric

Size: 78.75 x 78.75" / 200 x 200cm